Alex Kimmel

Michigan, USA

The Psychology Of Interdepence Through An Autistic Lens

Alex Kimmel is an experienced trainer and presenter. He is owner of The SelfDeterminator. Alex is contracted at the local, state, national and international levels for keynote and breakout sessions on such key issues as Inclusion, Disability Acceptance, Neurodiversity, Culture of Gentleness, Self-direction, Autism and Person Centered Thinking.

Alex has educated students, teachers, professionals, congregations, and the community at large since 2006. Alex is the inaugural recipient of the 2023 Jane Vermuellen Leadership State Award from Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute at Wayne State University. This award is presented for best embodiment of the passion Jane had for self-determination, advocacy, person-centered planning and community life.

Alex is honored to have been selected as the featured presenter for the TRLA Autism Community “LAUNCH You!” Life Leadership course. Alex lays the foundation for attendees in this course for an autistic-led think-tank on development of self-determination skills and goal attainment through a neurodiverse lens. www.yourleadershipacademy.org

Alex was named the 2019 recipient of the Robert Thomas Support Professional from the Arc of Oakland County. This award is to highlight “a social worker who displays exceptional concern for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and shows his/her concern by providing quality care.”

In 2017, Alex was named co-winner of the prestigious Dan Moran Award for inclusion and advocacy. “This individual actively promotes the rights of individuals, encourages self-advocacy, raises awareness about mental illness or developmental disabilities, breaks down boundaries, creates new relationships that end stigma, and serves as a role model to others.”

Alex’s business plan is to blend his passion for keynoting at conferences and visiting national parks and zoos.

Program Description

The absolute foundation of a Culture of Gentleness is establishing safe and loved/valued. McGee’s “Psychology of Interdependence” additionally emphasizes that “equal and mutual relationships” are the outcome of Gentle Teaching. This workshop expands on conventional teachings of what might be considered as “safe”, “equal and mutual” throughout structure and transitions to support positive interactions and demands through an autistic lens. Attendees will have guided opportunity to record their safe and loved/valued. Alex Kimmel provides his lived experience insight into core autistic perspectives regarding executive function and communication as they inform best practice on ensuring the shift from moving beyond “care receiver”. Come ready to reinforce your understanding of the four pillars, expand your definition of equality, bolster your practice of interdependence and share some aha-moments and laughs along the way!

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