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Ann Liesen


Michigan, USA

Good Grief; It Is Better To Have Loved And Lost

Dr. Ann Liesen is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Counseling Education. She started her journey supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities and mental illness over 35 years ago. She has served in various support roles as a direct care worker, home manager, support coordinator, mental health counselor and clinical manager. She has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities across a variety of home settings and community mental health organizations and specializes in clinical service, family consultation, and caregiver training and support. Dr. Liesen is an adjunct professor at Oakland University specializing in Counseling Practicum and Human Development. She also serves as a curriculum specialist and mental health consultant promoting best practice for individuals with developmental disabilities and co-occurring disorders.

Program Description

As Irvin Yalom once wrote, “Our longing for connection is at the core of our existence; it is what defines us as human beings”.  Undoubtedly, with connections inevitably follows loss.  Deepest bonds are made under the most challenging circumstances.  Join me in this presentation as we explore the dance between connection and loss as felt through the extraordinary lives of persons with developmental disabilities. You will learn popular models for managing loss as well as specific trends within the development disability community.  Together we will explore practical strategies for supporting individuals, parents, and caregivers through the necessary process of grieving.

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