Anna Van Moll


Disability & Gender Identity: Regina’s Story

Anna van Moll is a youth care worker and Gentle Teaching coach at The Schar Treatment Center in the Netherlands, where she supports children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. The Schar provides care to a variety of diverse people, many living with trauma and unique diagnoses.

Anna studied youth care in Amsterdam for four years and went on to complete her internship at The Schar. As a youth care worker and coach, she is involved with the people she supports daily. Anna provides care that puts people’s well-being first and focuses on companionship and guidance. Anna often takes on a ‘big sister’ role within her work and has developed strong bonds and meaningful relationships. Anna acknowledges that the people she supports have experienced enough rejection and trauma in their lives, and although they may still encounter difficult moments and conflict, there is even more room for recovery.

Program Description

During this session, Anna and Rene will share “Regina’s Story,” a young woman’s journey navigating gender identity.

Regina came to live at The Schar in 2022 and still used pronouns assigned at birth: He/Him. Regina was 13 years old at the time, was previously living in a closed institution, and was having significant struggles with aggression and behaviour. Regina also came from an environment where talking about sexuality and gender identity was a taboo topic.

Through many months of compassionate support, Regina took the brave steps to reveal her identity as a female. Anna and Rene will share what happened next and describe the opinions and judgements Regina faced and the beautiful moments she has encountered.

Regina has given Anna and Rene permission to share her story, and attendees will leave with more compassion and a better understanding of supporting someone navigating their gender identity through several perspectives.

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