Jessica Pratt-Longman

Saskatchewan, Canada

Indigenous Values & Gentle Teaching

Jessica Pratt-Longman is the Indigenous Cultural Advisor at Creative Options Regina (COR). Her role involves supporting individuals and their families to connect, reconnect, claim, reclaim, and learn about indigenous ways of life. Jessica is a two-spirited person who was born Cree, Nêhiýawêwin, and Saulteaux, and was adopted Anishinaabe and Ojibwe. She is a Nêhiýawêwin/Cree status band member of the George Gordon First Nation (GGFN) reservation, which is a Touchwood Tribal Council and is located on Treaty 4 territory of Saskatchewan.

Jessica has many years of experience in the disability/non-profit sector, having served as a personal support worker before assuming her current role. Her association with COR holds a personal significance as her brother is also a part of the COR family and receives formal support services.

Jessica is passionate about creating open, caring, and safe spaces that will help people navigate their journeys. She provides and connects people to the tools and teachings necessary for awakening spiritual connections. Jessica feels blessed to be able to be a link into helping Indigenous People learn to walk in two worlds.

Program Description

Drawing from her own lived experiences and expertise, Jessica will discuss Indigenous culture and Gentle Teaching, specifically highlighting their many intersections. She will explain the parallels between person-centered thinking and the personalized medicine wheel, detailing the medicine wheel’s most basic teachings: we are all beings, we are all related, we are all equal, we are all provided for, protected and welcome, what one does affects the other, and we are exactly as the Creator intended. Jessica will also share stories about her personal experiences with Gentle Teaching and the journey of her brother, Patrick, who is now supported by Creative Options Regina (COR).

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