Charles Woodward, PhD

Charles Woodard


Florida, USA

Gentle Teaching Promotes Unity

Dr. Woodard is a forensic examiner, mentor, and certified Gentle Teacher whose work experience includes the role of Director of an Offenders Program, supporting clients with disabilities, at Midlands Center in Columbia, SC., and serving as their Chief Psychologist/Director of Psychological Services.

Today, he credits his educational training, applied and practice throughout his work and life experiences, for giving him the knowledge, preparation, and inspiration for establishing his organization, Seed Consultation Services, LLC for the purpose of sowing seeds of empowerment, knowledge and success in others. Dr. Woodard is a dynamic storyteller/speaker for groups and organizations worldwide.

He is the author of Self-Talk: Sign of Sanity, Insanity, or the Key to Self-Empowerment. The book takes a realistic look at how personal and individual feelings are formed, and illustrates how monitoring and changing one’s “self-talk” empower one with the keys to self-management.

Program Description

Gentle Teaching (GT) has the recipe for bringing people together. Regardless of whether one is a Supervisor, Subordinate, Direct Care Worker, Friend, Neighbor, or the Enemy. The Central underlying theme for GT is Unconditional Love or Unconditional Positive Regard. This means that everyone is treated Respectfully and has Care and Genuine Concern for another’s Well-Being even if there is no reciprocation from the other person(s).

GT Enables the Establishment and Maintenance of Positive, Participatory, Mutually Beneficial, and Harmonious Relationships. Allow me to share with you how the “Tools” of Gentle Teaching “Eyes”, “Touch” and “Words” can Empower you to “Bond” with Others and bring Unity.

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