Cory Blair


Saskatchewan, Canada

Five Beliefs Of Servant Leadership

Putting it simply – Cory loves to coach others. He lives for the opportunity to help others better understand who they are and clears the path for them to honour their authentic selves. In fact, that’s how he fell in love with personal assessments and team-building initiatives, like the Kolbe Index tool which is a cornerstone of his practice. His love of helping others has led to the delivery of over 1,700 individual and team assessments that have put people on the path to being self-aware and created more authentic organizations. Cory has the innate ability to see the strengths in every person he meets and the remarkable effect of making people smile. 

When one cares deeply about people, a passion for creating positive organizational culture doesn’t seem to be far behind.  Cory understands that cultures are built upon a shared vision and the common values between people.  He loves helping organizations evolve their cultures into something awesome by using Affective Leadership™ practices to connect employee passion with corporate strategy.

As a true Servant Leader, Cory never stops challenging himself or others and brings an inquisitive approach to problem-solving. His direct and shoot-from-the-hip approach brings an open and honest approach to his engagement with individual clients as well as organizational design and is something that is appreciated by his customers.

Program Description

The Servant Leadership Academy’s ‘5 Beliefs of Servant Leadership’ session connects the principles and practices of gentle teaching with servant leadership philosophy through a prioritization of the people in your charge as a leader, and their personal growth and development. Our session will help you, as a leader, uncover the significance of understanding yourself to better support and inspire your team and engage with the heart of servant leadership as we explore how valuing each individual and nurturing an inclusive environment can enhance team well-being. Learn how empathy, kindness, and active listening can transform your leadership style, encouraging a culture where every voice matters, and decisions are made with consideration and care. This journey is not just about leadership techniques; it’s about fostering a community within your organization where everyone feels valued and empowered.

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