Dave Lappin

British Columbia, Canada

Gentle Teaching & Harm Reduction

Dave Lappin is the Executive Director of The HOME Society in Abbotsford, BC and has been supporting adults with developmental disabilities for almost 35 years. Dave started his career with the Burnaby Association for the Mentally Handicapped (now BACI) in 1998 as a part-time overnight caregiver and has since worked in almost every capacity of front line and leadership roles within Community Living. In 1995, Dave was seconded from the Burnaby Association to assist with the opening of the first four homes within The HOME Society and was responsible for hiring, training and placement of all caregivers at that time. It was in 1997 that Dave spent the first of many training and mentoring sessions with Gentle Teaching founder Dr. John McGee and in 2002 became a certified Gentle Teaching Mentor. Dave has presented at several Gentle Teaching International Conferences around the world and across Canada.  Dave, his wife and children have shared their home in Abbotsford with two adults with developmental disabilities for over twenty years and are grateful for the gifts learned and shared.

Program Description

Join Dave and Nathan for an hour of exploration, learning and conversation about Gentle Teaching, Harm Reduction and their many intersections.

Serving and supporting those most marginalized and stigmatized amongst us challenges us to see the wounded human being first and not their label or diagnosis. Dave and Nathan will explore how they introduce Harm Reduction Strategies into our day-to-day interactions and how we must never lose sight of the power and value of relationships. They will discuss the differences between enabling and supporting someone struggling with substance use/misuse and how their intentionality will determine how that is received.

They will discuss navigating current strategies, explore finding new paths, and bring stories of success and heartbreak and will ask attendees to share their perspectives.

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