Deirdre Mercer

Deirdre Mercer


Michigan, USA

Leading in a Culture of Gentleness: Cultivating Safe and Valued Teams

Deirdre Mercer has over 25 years of experience providing support and leadership in the mental health sector. Deirdre started her career in direct care and identifies as a caregiver first. She has served others in the roles of Job Developer, Vocational Specialist, Support Coordinator, Utilization Analyst, Senior Trainer and Self Determination Specialist and Chief Operating Officer. With this extensive history of support, she has learned a thousand lessons from her thousands of mistakes. Deirdre is passionate about sharing real stories that weave together the ebbs of sorrow and joy that comes along with providing support to others. Today, Deirdre is the Director of Training for Community Living Services, a community based organization serving counties across the state of Michigan.

Program Description

Strong, interdependent teams do not simply happen by putting a group of people together. These teams are built on trust!

During this session, Jim and Dee will demonstrate how a Culture of Gentleness threads together, leading with emotional intelligence and focusing on building trust at all levels of support. They will share the work they have collaborated on for the past two years and how this work has directly correlated to helping leaders build strong teams to positively impact the people they serve/support.

When ensuring a culture of gentleness, not only with those we serve but also among our employees, we can sustain an authentic community and nurture lasting relationships.

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