Karyn Harvey, PhD - Maryland, USA - Trauma Informed Support and Gentle Teaching

Karyn Harvey


Maryland, USA

Trauma Informed Supports In A Gentle Teaching Framework

Karyn Harvey has worked as a clinician in the field of intellectual disabilities for over 35 years. She has her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Maryland. She has written three books: Positive Identity Development, Trauma –Informed Behavioral Interventions and Trauma and Healing. She has a private practice and does therapy with people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, she regularly conducts trainings on trauma-informed support for people with IDD, trauma-informed leadership, and trauma-informed behavioral interventions for both state and individual organizations throughout the US and Canada. She also conducts a train the trainer program and has trained over 120 trainers throughout the US and Canada. Finally, she has received several national awards for clinical excellence in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities: NADD 2016, AAIDD, 2020 and START, 2023.

Program Description

This talk will highlight the sources of trauma in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It will explore the effects of these traumas but then focus on ways in which post traumatic healing and growth can be facilitated. The importance of connection and community will be highlighted in the context of a gentle teaching lens.

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