Emil Blak Olesen



From Misplacement To Belonging: A Gentle Teaching Journey

Emil Blak Olesen is a leader at Sødisbakkes department for people with autism, where he has been working for the past thirteen years. Emil began his career as a care worker, and his professional career has always revolved around Gentle Teaching and making those he supported feel safe, loved, and engaged. Now, as a leader, Emil works hard to ensure his department has a feeling and a culture that embraces the pillars of Gentle Teaching.

Program Description

During a staff meeting, our manager suddenly entered the room with a request for the entire staff. She had a caseworker on the phone who was desperately searching for a home, for a young man experiencing severe anxiety, lacking a sense of belonging, and who had been repeatedly misplaced since turning 18.

The manager posed a simple question to the staff: “Are we capable of helping this young man rediscover security and purpose in his life, beginning now?” We answered with a unanimous: “Yes! But how?”

The answer was clear, by diligently working towards ensuring that the young man experienced the four pillars of Gentle Teaching as integral aspects of his life.

Emil’s presentation will revolve around the process of care workers collaborating to support a young man in achieving a sense of security, safety, and warm belonging based on the Gentle Teaching philosophy. What resulted is a success story that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come. Emil will incorporate pedagogical methods and approaches such as Low Arousal, the common third, and recovery theory, all of which contributed to the achievement of professional goals, and how the successful work with gentle teaching has generated hope for our future work.

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