Eric Douville


Ontario, Canada

Gentle Teaching: Stories of Hope

Eric Douville has provided direct care, clinical support, and training for Valoris for over 25 years. Eric holds a BA in Child and Youth Care from the Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson University). He also holds a Diploma in Techniques d’éducations spécialisées from Collège La Cité in Ottawa. He started off his journey working in schools as a Child and Youth Care worker and found his way to working with youths and their families in the community with Valoris. He has had the opportunity to work directly with Dr. John McGee. Since then, he has been promoting and establishing the principles of Gentle Teaching at Valoris. Eric is a certified mentor of Gentle Teaching and has provided multiple training on the Culture of Gentleness in French to different organizations. What he holds dear to his heart is helping others to reach their potential.

Program Description

Eric will be sharing a story of hope. Eric will share the journey of someone who went from incarceration to being a valued member of his community. With perseverance, tenacity and the resolve of unconditional love, the support team is privileged to have witnessed amazing accomplishments and incredible growth. It is someone who shares ideas and ambitions which makes him a great asset to the Domaine Larose where he works. He will always greet you with a smile and a hug to make you feel welcome. He will share his pride in the latest projects and business endeavours. He will remind you of the importance of family and to keep John McGee’s legacy going. 

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