Floris 2024

Floris van de Kamer


Gentle Teaching As Our Core

Floris van de Kamer, a dedicated Master Mentor in Gentle Teaching, has been actively involved in this field since 2004, sharing his expertise internationally.

He works at Prinsenstichting, an organization that serves individuals with intellectual disabilities, providing homes, daycare, leisure pursuits, and treatment.

Certified as a trainer in Video Home Training and Video Interaction Guidance, Floris has made a significant impact by training others in these methods.

Collaborating with Simone Schipper, Floris co-developed Gentle Teaching Video Coaching (GTvc), contributing notably to effective coaching methods within the Gentle Teaching community. Inspired by mentor John McGee, Floris emphasizes staying true to Gentle Teaching’s core principles.

Program Description

In this presentation, Simone and Floris are on a mission to bring back the basics of Gentle Teaching! They’re here to give you a friendly refresher on the core concepts, shining a spotlight on the key pillars and tools that make up the heart and soul of GT. Let’s face it, with the craziness of everyday life, we can often lose track of these GT basics, even at GTI conferences. John McGee had this awesome quality for always kicking off and wrapping up with these essentials. It was like a gentle nudge, reminding us of the real deal—teaching those who need it most to feel safe and loved, to experience companionship with us!

Simone and Floris warmly welcome you to this experience, inviting you to step into the moment and rediscover the foundations of Gentle Teaching. Together, we’ll explore the basics through the power of words, music, videos, and a specially crafted piece of art designed to serve as a gentle reminder throughout our journey. Let’s embark on this exploration, where every element aims to bring the essence of Gentle Teaching to life.

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