Heather Hynd

Saskatchewan, Canada

The Lived Experiences Of Sexuality & Disability: Self Advocate Panel

Heather Hynd (she/her) is a self-advocate from Regina, Saskatchewan. She has been supported by Creative Options Regina (COR) since 2019 and appreciates that she has built meaningful relationships and has fun with those who support her. Heather loves cooking with her Support Workers, and her favourite meal to make is stuffed peppers!

Heather has been involved in discussions about sexual health education for people with disabilities for the past several years and believes that education is essential so more people can learn about healthy relationships, birth control, and safety. Heather prides herself on being a good listener, helpful, and generous friend. She is always there for anyone who needs help and wants others to feel safe and comfortable.

Heather likes to visit with others and encourages all conference attendees to say hello, ask her a question, or share their own experiences with her!

Program Description

Join self-advocates Brad and Heather as they discuss their lived experiences relating to disability, sexual health, dating, relationships, education, rights, and much more. These riveting discussions will leave you with a new perspective on sexuality and disability, as told by community members. Listening to, consulting with, and hearing from people with disabilities is essential as they are the true experts on disability, and learning about their first-hand experiences is invaluable. The self-advocate panel will be hosted by Natalya Mason, and promises to be a highlight of the Gentle Teaching International Conference – you will not want to miss this!

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