Irini Mavroudis


Ontario, Canada

Accessible Voting in a Federal Election

Irini (pronunciation: E-re-ni) Mavroudis (she/her) is an Outreach Officer at Elections Canada, where she focuses on consultations with stakeholder communities. Her work involves engagement with electors with disabilities, Indigenous electors, new electors, youth, and a variety of other elector communities to improve Elections Canada’s services. She is committed to fostering inclusive democratic engagement through establishing connections, coordinating events, and facilitating user groups, discussion groups, advisory circles, and other types of consultations.

Irini holds a B.A. in International Affairs from the American University of Paris, France, M.A.’s in Journalism from Stockholm University, Sweden, and Carleton University, Ottawa, and Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University, Sweden. She has a background in journalism, communications, consulting, civic engagement, and project management.

Program Description

This workshop focuses on the essential aspects of voting in a federal election, aiming to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and confidence in the voting process. It covers a wide range of topics to ensure a thorough understanding, starting with the fundamentals of voter registration. Participants will learn how to verify their eligibility, register to vote, and update their registration information as needed. A significant portion of the workshop is dedicated to accessibility at polling stations, highlighting the measures in place to assist voters with disabilities and ensure an inclusive voting experience. This includes information on assistive devices, support services, and any accommodations that can be requested.

Additionally, the workshop emphasizes the rights of voters, ensuring participants are aware of their entitlements and protections under the law. This includes the right to vote without intimidation, the right to assistance if needed, and the right to a private and confidential voting process.

By covering these key areas, the workshop aims to make the voting process as clear and accessible as possible. Ultimately, it seeks to empower participants with the knowledge and confidence to participate actively and effectively in federal elections, ensuring their voices are heard and their votes are counted.

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