Joana Valamootoo


Saskatchewan, Canada

4to40: Connecting Job-Seekers With Forward Thinking Employers

Joana Valamootoo is the Employment Partnership Consultant/Cultural Advisor at Creative Options Regina (COR). Originally from Mauritius, Joana moved to Canada in 2012. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Honors in Sociology from the University of Mauritius. Joana began her career in humanities and government sector where she worked with marginalized and vulnerable groups of the Mauritian Society. She has also worked in immigration and settlement of newcomers and refugees in the francophone community and later became employed by Inclusion Regina. When Inclusion Regina and COR amalgamated in 2019, Joana began working for COR for the 4to40 initiative as the Employment Partnership Consultant and Short Breaks Facilitator. In 2022, Joana became the Cultural Advisor, her current role. Joana is passionate about helping and advocating for diverse, marginalized and vulnerable groups, helping people to embrace equity in their daily lives.

Program Description

During this presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about 4to40; a partnership with the University of Regina – Campus for All and Creative Options Regina (COR). 4to40 is an initiative that connects people experiencing an intellectual disability with forward-thinking employers who embrace a flexible 4 to 40 hour work week.

People experiencing an intellectual disability encounter many barriers – especially attitudinal barriers – to employment and are generally overlooked or left out of the workplace. That is why 4to40 exists – to help counter the attitudinal barriers and biases faced by this often marginalized group of people in their search for employment.

Attendees will hear about the importance of real work for real pay, the customization of jobs to fit each person’s skills and interests, and a bit about the 4to40 story and how they work with employers in the Regina business community to help build inclusion in the workplace.

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