Kevan McBeth

Kevan McBeth

Saskatchewan, Canada

Five Beliefs Of Servant Leadership

At his core, Kevan is a true Servant Leader. Someone who has always felt that developing amazing people is the way that you deliver amazing organizational results. He builds communities and believes in the social responsibility of both individual and organization. His track record for creating safe, caring, autonomous and inclusive cultures has made him a sought-after leader in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Kevan believes in social innovation. He started the We See You program, connecting youth to medical clinics in African slums by re-directing unwanted and outdated medical supplies and donated goods to clinics that supported Africa’s most vulnerable. He founded the I Am Stronger social movement that counteracts cyberbullying through the use of social media platforms. And he’s been a part of programs and initiatives that have dissolved barriers and assisted people experiencing disability find meaningful work for meaningful pay. All while helping partner organizations understand their full potential as an employer, community partner and service provider for their clients and customers.

Kevan is the current member of the Board for Creative Options Regina, a member of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and a steering committee member of the home-grown supported employment initiative 4to40, which engages local employers to consider job customization for employees with disabilities.

Kevan holds certification in Servant Leadership and Gentle Teaching, as well as certificates of Administration from the University of Regina, and Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Toronto. Kevan is also certified through ICAgile in the areas of Coaching (IC-ACC), Team Facilitation (IC-ATF), Leadership (IC-LEA) and Human Resources (IC-AHR) and is an IC Agile Authorized Instructor.

Areas of expertise: Servant Leadership, Gentle Teaching, strategy development and implementation, culture change, organizational design, diversity integration, corporate social responsibility.

Program Description

The Servant Leadership Academy’s ‘5 Beliefs of Servant Leadership’ session connects the principles and practices of gentle teaching with servant leadership philosophy through a prioritization of the people in your charge as a leader, and their personal growth and development. Our session will help you, as a leader, uncover the significance of understanding yourself to better support and inspire your team and engage with the heart of servant leadership as we explore how valuing each individual and nurturing an inclusive environment can enhance team well-being. Learn how empathy, kindness, and active listening can transform your leadership style, encouraging a culture where every voice matters, and decisions are made with consideration and care. This journey is not just about leadership techniques; it’s about fostering a community within your organization where everyone feels valued and empowered.

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