Kristen Mathews

New Jersey, USA

What Are Your Hopes & Dreams?

Kristen Mathews, Director of Supports Brokerage, Eiros Group

Kristen has been working in the sector since she was a young adult having over 10 years of professional experience in the field. She is blessed to have a wonderful brother, Richard, who experiences a developmental disability. Richard has been living independently in his own home since 2012 and continues to live his life to the fullest. He is a touchstone for Kristen, as she understands what is possible for others to lead a boundless and fulfilling life.

Eiros Group is one of the first agencies to provide Supports Brokerage in New Jersey. For the last 4 years, Kristen has worked with the team to navigate this exciting area of supports for individuals across New Jersey. Through Supports Brokerage we are able to help people thrive in the home of their choice with supports that they select and manage for themselves.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside CEO and Founder, Jennifer Brown, in assisting people find their way to a life of their choosing in their communities.

Program Description

Kristen has had the pleasure over the last several years to work alongside some amazing people, who happen to experience a developmental disability, on their path to independence. One of which is her brother, Richard. Kristen will be sharing the story of how Richard got to where he is now, living his life to the fullest. He lives in his own home that he rents using funds from the state, staff that he hires and fires himself, and goes out into the community at his leisure. He schedules his day as he sees fit, just as anyone else would. Kristen will also be sharing some additional stories, similar to her brothers, of people that she has worked alongside. Throughout all of these stories, there will be discussion on how making sure people feel safe and loved is vital to their well-being. Listening to their hopes and dreams ultimately makes them a reality. 

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