Kristinn Torfason

Kristinn Már Torfason


Born and raised in Akureyri, Iceland. I am married to Sunna Vilborg Jónsdóttir and we have three children and one grandchild. I learned about Gentle Teaching 1993 from Dan Hobbs and since 2012 I have collaborated closely with many great people from the Gentle Teaching community. I have worked in the field from since 1988 and in 1991 became Director at Akureyrarbær, serving people with intellectual disabilities and have specialized in challenging behaviour. My primary job responsibilities as Director is to manage everything from economic responsibility, staffing, and ensuring the needs of the people we serve are met. In 1993 our organization began implementing Gentle Teaching. We have utilized the principles and established cultures of Gentleness all around Iceland.

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Alberta, Canada

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