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Kristyn White

BSRS, MSc Candidate

Saskatchewan, Canada

Tell It Like It Is: A Workshop On Facilitating Sexual Health & Wellness Education To Diverse Learners

Kristyn White, BSRS, MSc Candidate (she/her) is a researcher, facilitator, and advocate residing on Treaty Four Territory in Regina, Saskatchewan. She works as the Literacy Facilitator at Creative Options Regina/Inclusion Regina, holds a BSRS from the University of Regina, and is pursuing an MSc from the same institution. Kristyn’s research addresses the critical need for increased sexuality training and information within the caregiving/supporting field. Drawing from her own lived experiences as a frontline caregiver, she aims to create more inclusive and supportive environments for individuals with disabilities. Kristyn is passionate about providing sexual health and wellness education to those with disabilities. She believes everyone deserves the information needed to make more informed choices about their bodies and human rights. She has worked on several innovative research projects, the most recent being an exploration of sex positivity in an ableist society. Kristyn hopes to continue advancing the conversation around sex, disability, and equal access within Saskatchewan.

Program Description

Tell It Like It Is, is a sexual health and wellness curriculum created for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Consisting of 9 modules, the program covers a range of topics and concepts pertaining to relationships, dating, gender identity, sexual identity, personal hygiene, safer sex practices, and much more. Tell It Like It Is strives to ensure learners are receiving accurate sexuality education and the information required to support them in making informed decisions.

Through this workshop, we will discuss the intersections of sexuality, disability, and personal empowerment, and explore the central purpose of Gentle Teaching; focusing on companionship and supporting the intimate and romantic relationships of those we serve as a way of combating loneliness.

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