Laura Bence

Laura Bence

Saskatchewan, Canada

Supporting the Caregiver: How employers and employees can enhance mental health

Laura Bence is the Senior Safety Advisor at Service Hospitality, where she leads a team of Advisors committed to creating safer workplaces in Saskatchewan. She holds her Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, is a Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor through CMHA, and a certified Ergonomic Specialist. Laura is passionate about mental health in the workplace and making workplace health and safety engaging and accessible for all workers.

Program Description

Caregivers are the cornerstone of compassionate care. But when our focus is on caring for others, we often forget to extend the same care to ourselves. Join us for a presentation that empowers industry professionals with essential self-care and mental health skills. We will explore industry-specific stressors, identify prevalent mental health challenges, and learn about effective coping strategies to enhance emotional resilience. By session’s end, attendees will possess the tools to fortify their own mental well-being and uplift their colleagues, leaving them motivated to establish a solid foundation of care that prioritizes mental health, enhancing job satisfaction and overall quality of life.

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