Mandy Boersch


Saskatchewan, Canada

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD), Aging & Health

Mandy Boersch is the Director of Health at Creative Options Regina (COR). She is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), Certified Developmental Disability Nurse (CDDN), and is a member of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS). Mandy was first introduced to COR in 2010 when she relocated to Regina from Saskatoon. After a short time away, Mandy returned having completed her nursing program and was eager to continue to assist those in the community that need additional support to succeed. Mandy continues to build upon her knowledge base in human services and health care as she is currently enrolled with Douglas College furthering her Nursing Degree to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health. Mandy is passionate about advocating for the level of health care the disability sector needs alongside like-minded health professionals in her local community and country.

Program Description

Many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experience aging-related health changes significantly earlier than individuals without IDD. Additionally, systemic barriers contribute to unique psychosocial challenges faced by many individuals with IDD. In this session, the presenters will discuss: 

1.    Unique health and psychosocial challenges experienced by adults aging with IDD.  

2.    The importance of recognizing an individual’s “baseline” and using objective measures to establish health indicators. 

3.    Helpful tools including syndrome-specific health watch tables, health monitoring charts, and the NTG-EDSD to detect early signs of dementia.
4.    Application of the HELP approach to understand and address potential contributors to a change from baseline.  

5.    Opportunities to further improve your skills and ability to support adults aging with IDD.  

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