Marge Brown


Pennsylvania, USA

The Climb To Know More About Dual Diagnosis!

Marge’s early career was devoted to establishing community homes for people with intellectual disabilities who were leaving institutions in the United States under court orders. For years, her job was to open new offices to meet the needs of many states, due to the existing community programs not being equipped to support people with “challenging behavior”. It was in this capacity that Marge met John McGee in North Carolina. She worked with him for many years and was welcomed into the world of Gentle Teaching which provided many answers to the problems faced in her various job functions.

After John’s death, Marge went to work with Merakey, one of the largest organizations in the US with programs in multiple states. Having recently joined the Clinical Team, she assists with creating a trauma informed care community using the tools of Gentle Teaching. She has been credentialed by the National Association of Dual Diagnosis (NADD). It is marge’s belief that most, if not all the challenging people she has encountered should have received proper diagnosis and treatment.

Program Description

An IDD/MI dual diagnosis refers to people with an intellectual/developmental disability who concurrently experience a mental health condition. Most professionals accept that roughly 35% of people with IDD also experience mental health challenges. Join me to learn more about people with dual-diagnosis, and how Gentle Teaching approaches can impact and shape the experience of others.

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