Nancy Nicolaus

Nancy Nicolaus


Missouri, USA

Gentle Teaching: Stories of Hope

Program Description

In a diverse career that extended throughout the United States, Nancy Nicolaus is devoted to supporting people with neurodiverse, intellectual/developmental, and mental health challenges. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduate work at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School-Dallas, School of Allied Health, and a master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Nancy is passionate about creating Gentle Cultures and supporting individuals to self-determine and control their lives including where and how they live, work, socialize and relate to their communities. Highlights of her work include Gentle Teaching mentoring, training, and participation on the former Gentle Teaching International Board of Directors. She was employed by the first (USA) states to develop community-based supports and services and was active in the liberation of individuals from institutions. Her broad experiences reflect a historical perspective of the lives of people with disabilities and the systems of support.

In retirement, Nancy continues participation with the USA and international Gentle Teaching communities. She also actively serves on the Board of Directors of community service agencies in the Kansas City, Missouri area with a specific interest in the promotion and development of customized employment opportunities.

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