Sandy Ram

Sandy Ram

BAdmin, Prosci, CPHR, Leadership Coach – ATC

Saskatchewan, Canada

Unlocking The Code: The Power Of Purpose Driven Leadership

Sandy’s a communication, facilitation and change management mastermind, who also happens to be a well-respected professional coach. Along with his next-level skill set he’s also a profoundly humble and genuine human being, with an unmistakable passion for empowering and giving back to his community. Sandy brings a depth and breadth of experiences centered in People & Culture and Leadership and calls Regina, SK home, with his wife and two children.

Program Description

Embark on a Transformative Journey into the Era of Heartfelt Leadership: 
Where titles gracefully give way to purpose, this keynote draws from real-world experiences, exploring purpose-driven leadership as an authentic and achievable path.

Redefining Leadership as an Ongoing Journey:
Delve into stories of inspiring leaders and thriving teams guided by values and a deep sense of “Why we do what we do”. Demystifying purpose-driven leadership is not about a formula but fostering safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose.

Discover Practical Strategies for Seamless Integration:
Join our friends from Treeo to unlock the code to purpose-driven leadership. Explore practical strategies for seamlessly integrating personal purpose into daily work, inspiring what’s possible in leadership beyond titles.

Crack the Code at GTI 2024:
Prepare to unlock the code to purpose-driven leadership, evolving your work into a place where heart, purpose, and genuine connection drive extraordinary outcomes.

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