Shana Ring


Saskatchewan, Canada

Shine The Light And Hold People Capable

Destination Leadership imagines a world where every conversation has the potential to engage, empower and inspire forward action with people at all levels. Developing leaders with a coaching mindset is our passion and holding people capable is our purpose! We believe that shining the light on human potential and growing future leaders is everyone’s responsibility, and if you interact and communicate daily with other humans, our programs are for you.  

Shana Ring is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a Master of Arts in Leadership.  She is President of Destination Leadership, and Founder of her flagship EXPEDITION CoachingⓇ Program. Her programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and meet the rigorous and robust ICF accreditation standards and requirements. The programs include Leadership Coaching Skills, Certified Coach Training, Mindfulness Coaching, and Advanced Conversations.  

Creative Options Regina (COR) has been a huge supporter of Destination Leadership’s coaching programs, and in 2019 COR received the ICF Prism Award for Coaching Excellence from the ICF-Prairie Chapter, and Shana received the Nominating Coach Award.

Since 2020, Destination Leadership has virtually trained hundreds of global leaders within the United Nations, UNICEF, World Food Programme, and the World Health located across the world.

Program Description

Join me for a fun, interactive session on developing a coaching mindset. This session is inspired by my leaders that always believed in me more than I believed in me – shining the light and holding me capable.  As humans, we often have good intentions to “help” others be successful, and sometimes human nature tricks our brain into thinking that helping means we have to be the expert, tell, offer advice, or solve the problem. If you have a habit for “helping” too much, you are working too hard. Learn how to shift your mindset towards developing a coaching habit and apply a brain-based approach that honours the coachee as the expert.  We will explore:
Coaching the person, not the problem,
Listening below the waterline for the coachee’s essence (the who),
Creating safety for the coachee,
Shining the light on the coachee’s strengths,
Holding the coachee capable, and
Transferring ownership for action.
You will walk away with powerful tools to apply a coach-approach to leadership conversations immediately.

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