Simone Schipper

Simone Schipper

Health Care Psychologist, EMDR Europe Practitioner, Ph.D. Candidate


Simone has a completed a Master in Orthopedagogy, coupled with a Post-Master in Mental Health Psychology. In 2004, she received Gentle Teaching advanced mentor training from John McGee, the founder of Gentle Teaching, along with Michael Vincent. Since 2004, Simone has been responsible for implementing Gentle Teaching in different organizations serving people with intellectual disability and psychiatric disorders across the Netherlands. She has served as a member of the GTI board and is now a key person for the Gentle Teaching European network. In 2015, Simone started training as an EMDR Europe practitioner and has since been combining this therapeutic skills with the Gentle Teaching framework. In 2020, she began her Ph.D on Gentle Teaching in support and treatment for people with an intellectual disability.

In her work at Prinsenstichting; an organization that provides care, support and treatment for people with an intellectual disability, Simone’s main focus is on building relationships, particularly with those that have the most difficulty experiencing companionship. She strives to create an environment of unconditional love, acceptance, and mutual respect and believes that this approach not only benefits the individuals we care for, but also creates a positive impact on society as a whole.

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