Toni Klassen


Saskatchewan, Canada

Recognizing And Reacting To Demands

Toni – who is a fabulous yet stubborn wife, learning mom of an incredible daughter, lover of all dogs, and world’s biggest Nickelback fan – recognized her desire to be involved with people with developmental disabilities at a very young age. She has been employed with SAI since 2009; started out providing direct support, advancing to Team Leader and finally Coordinator all within our Vocational program. Upon finding SAI Toni realized her passion for Gentle Teaching and pursued becoming a certified Mentor and Master Mentor. Today Toni’s focus has shifted slightly to concentrate on SAI’s employee experience. She combines HR with an emphasis on culture to help employee’s find purpose and meaning in their role.

Program Description

In this session we will have an opportunity to explore how demands in all their forms impact our ability to build connections with others while fostering meaningful relationships. We will look at demands that people experience without even recognizing their presence and explore ways to decrease demands in challenging situations as well as recognize people’s ability to cope with increased demands in times of stability.

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