Toni Start

Toni S. Start


Michigan, USA

The Power Of Intentions

Dr. Toni S. Start is a Licensed Psychologist from Grand Haven, Michigan, USA.  In 2008, she earned her Doctorate Degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology.  During this education, she created and completed her dissertation, a qualitative study on the experience of being a Gentle Teacher.  She was honored to have Dr. John McGee on her dissertation committee.  

Toni first met John McGee in 1996 when she attended one of his presentations.  The Gentle Teaching ideals agreed with her immediately and she thought, “Yes!  This is me and this is what I am trying to do!” In that moment, she vowed to herself to attend all of the Gentle Teaching presentations that were offered, and she did for many years.  Her journey led her to work at the Macomb Oakland Regional Center (MORC), now EasterSealsMORC, who are pioneers at developing and implementing Gentle Teaching trainings to thousands of caregivers there as well as several other agencies/caregivers all over the world. There, she would continue to learn and practice Gentle Teaching for many years and in many veins.  One most memorable time was attending the meeting with John McGee and others from around the world who had an idea of creating a Gentle Teaching International Conference; and here we are, many years later.

In 2011, Toni began a private practice in her community where she now leads 20 other therapists in striving to help others using the Gentle Teaching principles as the foundation to being with all who enter their physical space. Their intentions are to calm where there is chaos, create hope where there is hopelessness, offer understanding where there is fear and confusion, and liveliness where there is boredom.  Healing often occurs there via many various therapies, with the groundingness of Gentle Teaching.  

Toni intentionally includes Gentle Teaching in so many facets in her life including parenting and all other interactions with self and others.

Toni is a past board member for Gentle Teaching International Inc. and has presented at many Gentle Teaching International conferences.  She is amazed how much the Gentle Teaching movement has progressed throughout the years and is honored to be with you all at this, our 23rd Gentle Teaching International Conference.

Program Description

This presentation will speak to living more consciously via intentions and actions.

When we agree to create our lives through our intentions, we choose our actions more clearly and decisively. We will also attract opportunities to have more and more chances for our limitless actions.

Creating intentions and ramping up our actions can be joyous and fun! It is a beautiful way to:

* Increase focus and help us feel empowered in relationships with self and others
* Help us reset when we feel negative in any way
* Ground us in shaky moments
* Decrease chatter in our minds and increase great energy in lots of ways
* It can absolutely simplify our lives

Toni will bring in some real-life stories of how intentions create change and how it directly connects with Gentle Teaching. She hopes this will help you really consider how you want to live your life and how to make it happen.

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