Troy Kolish


Saskatchewan, Canada

Unlocking The Code: The Power Of Purpose Driven Leadership

Nurturing strengths, fostering connections, and seeing the world through the lens of boundless potential. Known for tapping into the unique skillset and purpose of those around him to get the very best out of them. With over 15 years of people leadership and strategic planning experience, every achievement is intricately linked to his prioritization of compassion and human connection beyond the confines of conventional business.

Program Description

Embark on a Transformative Journey into the Era of Heartfelt Leadership: 
Where titles gracefully give way to purpose, this keynote draws from real-world experiences, exploring purpose-driven leadership as an authentic and achievable path.

Redefining Leadership as an Ongoing Journey:
Delve into stories of inspiring leaders and thriving teams guided by values and a deep sense of “Why we do what we do”. Demystifying purpose-driven leadership is not about a formula but fostering safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose.

Discover Practical Strategies for Seamless Integration:
Join our friends from Treeo to unlock the code to purpose-driven leadership. Explore practical strategies for seamlessly integrating personal purpose into daily work, inspiring what’s possible in leadership beyond titles.

Crack the Code at GTI 2024:
Prepare to unlock the code to purpose-driven leadership, evolving your work into a place where heart, purpose, and genuine connection drive extraordinary outcomes.

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